Ingram Law Firm is so excited to introduce ourselves as the premiere boutique business law firm in the Hudson Valley. Now you may be wondering why a business that has been around for 11 years is going to introduce themselves to you, but we have taken the last 18 months going through a makeover.  We are finally ready to let you in on all the things we have been working on.  

What’s New? 

First things first is our brand new website and logo.  The site is more user friendly.  You can book your own appointments and purchase, for instant download, our new done for you business products.  The new store allows you to have confidence in your legal documents. They were drafted by an attorney for businesses just like yours.  After you download the products, you can even schedule a call with an attorney to discuss how the document can be used in your business.  

Next is an expansion of our FitPro offerings.  We have been working closely with FitPros for the last 18 months to really target industry needs.  Bundles and products geared specifically to FitPro businesses are available and provide practical information. 

Best for last…the Business Subscription Plans. what is this and why is it the best? Well, simply put it is having outside counsel at your finger tips.  By engaging in a subscription package with us, you can purchase legal service hours for one price.  If you are just starting out, we offer fixed price plans for start ups. Not a start up? Not a problem.  Ingram Law Firm offers business subscription plans with between 10 and 60 hours for all your ongoing legal needs.  We have innovated the legal industry and are meeting our clients where they are and what they need.

We’re Here To Help

Ingram Law firm is a boutique business law firm. A law firm laser focused on all things business with one goal…. helping our business clients succeed.  So we make sure you are solid from the ground up and that your business is humming like a well oiled machine.  We are your one stop business administration shop. And the narrow focus also allows us to understand the ins and outs of your business needs.  Plus we don’t handle other kinds of matters.  We pride ourselves on understanding what it really means to own a business. 

So why are we offering such a service? It’s simple, we are business owners too.  And it is an absolute necessity in being able to budget and plan expenses every month as a new business.  And even more essential, having an attorney you trust on your side.   An attorney you know is ready to help you with any business related matter.  And an attorney who is in it with you and rooting for you to succeed. No more fear of the unexpected because you have a relationship with counsel.  Our scope of services is broad and covers most things a business will need.  Select the number of hours you need, pay the fixed monthly fee, no surprises here!

New Year, New Us; so let us ourselves soon with a consultation.  Book today