FitPRO Legal Consulting

Specializing in Legal Support for the Fitness Professional

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Legal Support for the Fitness Professional

Our Vision

Ingram Law Firm was created in 2011 to provide legal services throughout the Hudson Valley and New York State.

The practice has grown and now offers legal support and consulting to fitness professionals across the country.  We have identified the fitness community as one that is growing and find success in small boutique studios and big box gyms.  We have also discovered that they are vulnerable to scams, non paying clients and far reaching liability.

We have created an environment where the FitPRO can get legal advise and consulting to address their unique situations.  They work with the community, offer to provide certain results and take even the most inexperienced client into their space to offer fitness training, use of complicated equipment and health advice.  The liability behind this is staggering.  We are here to ensure that you set your business up properly the first time, grow within limits and have safeguards to protect your time, sweat and tears that went into making your business a success.

We are here for every fitness professional.

Areas We Can Help With

Business Formation

  • LLC / Corporation

  • Operating / Partnership Agreements

  • General Business Legal Advice

  • Business Liability Legal Advice

  • Client Contract Review & Drafting


  • Vendor Contract Review/Negotiations/Drafting

  • Client / Employee Contracts

  • IC Agreements

  • Supplier / Vendor Contracts

  • Lease Negotiations & Drafting

  • Waivers, Acknowledgements, Releases


  • Agreements

  • State Statutory Requirements

  • Federal Law Review & Application

Intellectual Property

  • Trademarks

  • Copyright

  • Intellectual Property

  • Cease and Desist


  • Winding Down Process

  • Dissolution Agreements


  • State by State Analysis

  • Pitfalls and Practice tips