You Need an Attorney…OMG!

Lawyer in your pocket? What on Earth do you mean by that?  Simple a lawyer who you can utilize whenever you need them without going through repeated hiring.  

Finding a good lawyer is like finding a good doctor, therapist, accountant, restaurant, spouse.  Sometimes you need to try out a few to find the good one, but when you do, you hang on to them with all you’ve got.  It is like a cozy sweatshirt that you know always makes you feel relaxed, finding a professional that you trust should be just like that. So when you find that professional, wouldn’t it be nice to know that you can always go back to that person without worrying about cost or telling your story all over again.  

Let’s Try Something New

Well that is what the lawyer in your pocket concept is.  That easy to come back to lawyer that you’re comfortable with, that you know, who knows you and who is ready, willing and able to help you with whatever your needs may be.  Imagine how much anxiety would be eliminated if when a situation came up that you knew there was someone you could count on to help you handle it.  You would not need to wonder who to call, when to call or how much it may cost.  

Why would we implement this process? I know that the law is a profession that dates back centuries,  but the usual way is not always the best way.  Sometimes things need to be shaken up a little bit.  That is exactly what we did.  We listened to our clients and heard them say, you know I wish I would have called you sooner or I wish I knew that then so I could have handled it differently.  The fear of hiring counsel, whether it’s the process, the cost or the unknown is eliminated.  You find the attorney that you like, who you trust and you use them. 

How have it done it any other way?

Unless you are a  huge corporation with a team of lawyers on salary, most companies will employ either outside counsel who can work with them on projects or a more traditional hire and pay as you go model.  Neither of these make sense for the small business owner who wants the security of someone on their side as easily, simply and cost effectively as possible. 

Our model is a flat fee system of hours.  The fee is either paid in full with hours to be used across the year or the fee is broken into 12 equal payments with hours available to use immediately. There is a list of services that these hours can be used for.  Sounds pretty simple right? That’s because it is. There is no guess work to find an attorney.  Once you’ve entered into one of these plans, you can rest easy.  Simply send over whatever work you need completed and the lawyer will take care of it.  Hours are monitored and if you’ve used your hours, you can get some more.  Easy as that.  

Let’s Give it a Try Today

So lawyer in your pocket sounds almost too good to be true right? Well I’m happy to say it is available throughout New York and we are ready to help.  We don’t call it Lawyer in Your Pocket, it is our Business Subscription Plan.  But it essentially makes getting help from counsel as simple as sending an email and sitting back and letting us go to work.  It almost makes you wonder why no one has done it before now and why you’d want to do anything but this plan.  

You may be wondering if you can afford it.  But let me ask this….can you afford not to? Can you afford to put all of your hard work at risk? Are you risking it now?  Can you not figure out how to pay for it? How to ask for it? How to handle it ? That’s a big risk to take with your livelihood. Luckily we are here to help with the Business Plan Subscription .

 What are you waiting for, schedule your consultation today to get a lawyer in your pocket.