Who loves the boss? Most of the time the boss is the one everyone hates.  The rule setter, the time keeper, the task assigner, the one who can never make everyone happy no matter how hard they try.  So it is easy to overlook the boss as someone who needs to be levied and celebrated in a normal work environment.  But what about for the self employed who is the boss, who may also be the employee too.  Well it is important to remember to love the boss, even if that person is you. 

The boss needs to take time to recharge, regroup and reevaluate themselves and the company.  It is difficult to keep the trains running on time, if you don’t have the energy to pay attention.  Take a day off to rest and do something you love.  Go hiking, visit the spa or spend the day with family. Do anything that will allow you to see the value in your company. 

You’ve set up a system that runs like a well oiled machine. As a result, your business runs the same whether you are in the front office or not.  You’ve put in place fail safe plans for making decisions in your absence, staff who can take charge without you and can make sure the business keeps humming even if you take a day, week, or month to yourself.  

The plan to be able to do this is simple.  Set up the business right from the beginning.  Put a strong team both internally and externally around you who can help you navigate challenges and set you up for success.  You will have the confidence to take time away knowing that the business will continue to run.  

Being the boss does not mean you are attached to the company 24/7.  It means that you make choices and action plans that allow you to be a success.  If you’re doing it right, being your own boss means you have control.  You have the chance to make the choices that will give you the life you want and allow you to take the time to love the boss.