Seriously….love your lawyer? Easy for the lawyer to say.  But the reality is, you have to support those who support you.  Lawyers are not the enemy or the rule bending, shady person you see in the movies.  In reality, they can be the very best friend of a business owner.  They are the person standing between you and liability. They’re the ones who are working to get you the best deal, the best contract terms, the best employee benefits.  No one has your interests at heart more than your attorney. 

The attorney-client relationship is almost like the one you share with your significant other.  You have to date around and find a good fit.  Find the one who will allow you to grow, to chase your dream and to succeed.  Not eery attorney will be a good fit.  Sometimes, you may need to have the its not you, its me conversation and that is ok.  As long as the lawyer is not being unethical, sometimes they come to the end fo their knowledge or the relationship changes.  

So love your lawyer.  Talk to them about what they know, how they help people and businesses like you and what they see in the future to help you along to success.  Ask them questions, get to know them (not like what they like for breakfast, but where did they go to school).  It is ok and expected to ask questions about the lawyer and how they can help you.  Quite honestly, it is more concerning when a client does not ask those questions. I am happy to relate my credentials and my philosophy to potential clients.  It helps to make sure we will have a successful working relationship.  

Keep in mind you get what you give, so if your lawyer is asking for information or needs you to handle something for them, it is essential that you follow up.  Set aside a piece of your day to answer them, to chat with them and to make sure they have what they need to hep you succeed.  The lawyer will do most of the work without you and allow you to review and comment on the final product, but if they ask for something along the way, give it to them. 

If you’ve found a lawyer you love, fantastic.  But it that relationship goes sideways, it is perfectly acceptable to find someone new.  It is also perfectly acceptable to have a different lawyer for different things.  I know a lot of things about a long of things, but I know the most about business law.  Sometimes, the thing I know the best is who to call when I am out of my depth.  

I appreciate the client the most who allows me to work, follows up when necessary, asks questions, and meet deadlines.  Those clients make my job the easiest.  i equally want to love my clients.  I treat them like I would want to be treated as a business owner.  Respect for time, free flow of ideas and exchanges of information.  Those are my keys to success and will go a long way to help you love your lawyer.  

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