Owning a business takes skill, patience and a whole lot of luck.  You may not realize how much luck it takes when you are in the thick of it.  When you are making day to day decisions you are not focused on how luck may make impact your business choices.  Take time to really evaluate your business and choices.  What do you do every day when you make choices, what are your priorities, who do you delegate to, what do you spend money on, how do you make a decision. 

You may be wondering what this has to do with luck.  Well quite a bit.  Each decision may be a success or failure, not only because of luck.   Putting in work, educating yourself, investing in yourself, connecting with customers and making a plan drives business decisions.  So does luck, if you time the market wrong, you may fail; if you delegate to the wrong person, they may sink your business; if you don’t fully understand the business, you may target the wrong customer and never sell a thing.  Luck be a lady. 

Female Owned and Killing It

To be a lady is also luck.  Women should run the world and being a female owned business takes grit, persistence and being fearless.  It can also be incredibly powerful.  In a world dominated by men, it is easy to get marginalized and forced into a smaller box.  It does not have to be that way.  It can be your time to shine and to make a difference.  Sometimes this takes a little bit of luck too. There are opportunities for women to grow and thrive in business climates.  For women to be at the table and be dictating change.  A lot of the time, women fill needs that men have no ability to see let alone fix.  When luck presents you with an opportunity, take it and figure it out later.  

Be ready, stand up, kick ass.  Every. Single. Day.  I just wrote those words in a mastermind group I am a part of.  This is my mantra,  show up and kick ass.  That does not mean that you are ready to rumble at every turn.  It does mean that you are better than everyone else.  That you take those lucky moments and turn them into opportunities.  Luck be a lady. 

So what does it mean to be ready and stand up if it’s not being ready to rumble? That’s easy.  You’re taking every day to make a plan, to really look at your business and evaluate your choices.  If something isn’t working to be prepared to move on from it and try something new.  To push the walls of that little box people are trying to put you in as far out as possible.  And then doing it all over again next month.  

Take advantage of being a woman

If you can do this every day, you won’t need luck any more.  You will have a business that runs like a well oiled machine.  One that can fulfill you.  It is time to take advantage of what is offered to the fullest and no longer sit back and wait.  Women owned businesses are eligible for grants, special status, tax breaks just to name a few.  You have the chance to explore your options and chose the one that makes you the happiest and most successful. It is infinitely easier to make these changes when you are comfortable and happy in what you are doing.  

Luck Be a Lawyer

You may ask, so where does a lawyer come into this conversation .  Well I can certainly help luck along and keep you out of trouble.  But my role is really in the planning side of the scenario.  It is difficult to know what you want or to not fall victim to people trying to tell you what to do, steamroll you into a decision or to try to force you to make decisions you aren’t comfortable making.  It gives you the opportunity to be able to easily say yes or no if it fits into your plan.  Having a lawyer, especially one who has walked the path you are going down as a business owner can be infinitely beneficial.  

So if you don’t feel lucky in your business, it may be time to make some changes.  Schedule a consult today.