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Are you a Know It All?

So you've decided to run your own business. You've been working in the industry for years and you think you have it all worked out. You know what customer you want, leased the perfect location and have employees all ready to get started. You sit down at your computer and start putting processes in place that will help you be more streamlined. A survey for your new clients to give you all their relevant information, an answering service to make sure the calls are handled properly, an information management program to help you to keep client data in one spot and mange your business for schedules, marketing and payments. You're really all set. You know it all.

Well what about all the things you don't know. Have you considered what you need to look at when you start "shopping" around for these new services and features. Have you thought about what the answering service will say to potential and current customers? What information will you have them collect, how will they handle unanticipated questions, when will you step in to smooth ruffled feathers? You should probably sit don and consider these answers and a lot more questions before you even start shopping for the services. The same is true for your management software. What do you need it to do and how should it perform. Where is that sweet spot for your business that allows you to maximize your investment without having pieces sit idly waiting to be used.

The biggest thing you probably don't know is about client collection of data. What data can be collected form a potential client and how can it be used. Where will you store it and who has access to it? Who will the data be shared with, i.e. third party marketing, relatives, staff. The concern is that if you don't know it all and take a wrong step there can be serious consequences. If you work in the fitness industry you may be tempted to ask a client for their health data. You certainly should be advising them to speak to their doctor before they start your program. What do you do with the information that they give to you. Rule of thumb is to follow HIPAA. You want to have them acknowledge that they are giving you the information nd are consenting too you maintaining it, that there is no disclosure to anyone else not authorized and that they can rescind their consent at any time. It is important to keep these tips in mind as you move forward. While you may have the perfect system to collect and manage the data, the devil is in the details and there is so much more that you can possibly know.

Don't be a know it all, call Ingram Law Firm for help in setting up your business and discuss your plans and goals with a knowledgable attorney today.

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