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Fear and Failure to Launch

You know when you have that great idea and you are ready to take the necessary next steps. You know in your mind that you need to do certain things, that there is risk involved in any situation and that if you are too afraid to act you'll never grow. But still in the back of your mind you are too afraid to take the next step. The fear holds you back in many different ways. It could be that you do nothing at all and let someone else beat you to market with your great idea. It could be that you don't have the proper foundation in place to take the next steps and are bound to fail, or maybe you don't have the funds to pay for the proper foundation so you do the best you can to make it work without calling in professionals. I do not think there is a business owner who has not faced some fear in their career. The fear to get started, the fear to expand, even the fear to close. The fear is not the problem, the failure to address and overcome that fear is.

You may be asking why an attorney is posting a blog on fear. The simple answer is that if you are too afraid to take action, you are likely too afraid to call me or to come to the appointment and take action towards your dreams. More than that, the philosophy of Ingram Law Firm is to help to build our client's from the ground up. We don't pretend to be therapists, but we can make things less scary. We cannot make the money to hire us or other professionals come to you, but we can encourage the investment in doing it right.

Let's say you are working and trying to do things on your own. Taking this path is fine until it is not. You look at the money you have available and you decide what your priorities are. It is most likely to get the product out the door and more money coming in. So you invest in inventory, staff, marketing, and packaging, but you don't invest in the professionals who can manage your money, insurance and business. The plan is sufficient until it isn't....the money funds out, someone sues you without insurance or entity protection or you can't substantiate your business with any supporting documentation. Things go awry with customers or partners or investors and you have no contract in place to protect yourself. You're now facing a problem that no amount of YouTube or Google searching can't you out of.

What about if you don't do anything, money isn't the issue but confidence and being overwhelmed is. That is the perfect time to bring in the experts so we can help you see it is not overwhelming and that there are ways to make this work without taking too much risk. You can inform yourself of the risks and rewards and make a solid plan to overcome the things holding you back.

What if you have no foundation? If you have taken some steps to plan and protect yourself but you miss something or you can't figure out what to do next, the likelihood of success is severely diminished and you will likely fail. That's not to rain on your parade, it is honesty that you will need when facing tough decisions.

It's time to call Ingram Law Firm and make the decision that you won't fear rule your world. Prioritize yourself and your goals so you can get to the next step. Be smart with your money and invest it wisely.

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