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From Idea Incubator to Legit Business in One Easy Step....Hiring an Attorney

Before you do anything outside of the idea incubator, you need to be able to operate as a domestic company in the State of New York. To do this, you have to register with the state and become a recognized entity that is able to conduct business in New York. The process of business formation is both simple and complex all at the same time.

Like most things, the process on its face seems like something that you can accomplish fairly quickly and painlessly all by yourself. But in reality, there are many things that can be hidden pitfalls. Have you decided on being an LLC or a Corporation, do you know why you selected one option over the other. Have you considered the legal, financial, and business ramifications for making this choice. If I had to guess I would say probably not. And that's ok. You cannot possibly know everything about starting your own business. The important thing is that you enough to ask for help. I won't get into the legal steps of how to set up the business or why one is better than the other. We need something to discuss during our first meeting. But I will tell you that not everything is as it seems.

You may have a very straightforward concept, that does not have any revolutionary ideas, concepts, or market changers, you may also have a straightforward business model, but that does not mean you should go it alone. What happens if you make a mistake. What happens if your Google search does not tell you about that one nuanced thing that you have to file, the box to check, or what to do after you get that shiny new filing certificate (more on this next week).

I know it is much cheaper to do a google search, pray that the answer is the correct, that the steps to follow are simple and that you can get to the end without spending too much. Most of the time this will be the case. And you may never need to hire counsel. You may decide that you can use those dollars you would have spent hiring me on making the business bigger, faster, stronger. You could spend every single moment in business seeing success until that day that you don't. Accidents happen, mistakes are made and then you find yourself in Court. Defending your livelihood, trying to protect your family, and hoping that you did enough at the beginning to protect yourself.

When the bottom falls out, there will not be handy dandy Google instructions to fix the problem and then you will need an attorney. My suggestion is to hire someone from the start (Ingram Law Firm) so that at the possible end you aren't going it alone. My job is to make sure you have the best foundation so you are as protected from risk as possible. I cannot promise and I am not promising that you will never get in trouble, never get sued, or ever have to litigate a problem. I am saying it will be a lot easier if you have a knowledgeable attorney helping you if that time ever comes.

So are you ready to take the next step? Hire an attorney.

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