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The Best Investment You'll Ever Make...Doing it Right the First Time

The urge to do it yourself is overwhelming in today's society. We are connected 24/7 and the entire world is literally at our finger tips. You can type in a question, hit search and get an answer in seconds. But the question is whether that answer is the correct one and whether it really is the best fit for you. We do an internet search for everything....what's the best recipe for grandma's cookies, how do I fix my phone, where's the hot new restaurant, who is that famous person I just walked by, but do you really want to search for something as important as the future of your business? I would guess you wouldn't search the web for the best way to perform open heart surgery on yourself so why are you so willing to search for ways to draft, file and organize documents for your new business.

The words I live by in these situations is you get what you pay for. Meaning if you aren't willing to pay for the service, you will likely not be happy with the results. There are some things that getting the cheapest rate makes the most sense, when everything is equal and you just want a good deal, like airline tickets. Every plane will get you from point A to point B with relatively the same service. Unfortunately, the legal services industry is not the same situation. There is most certainly a difference in the service you receive based on the price you pay. You may feel as if you can do things on your own just to try to cut down on the work on the attorney, this usually results in even more work fixing the errors you made on your own. Even worse is if you trust an online legal company to help you and you trust they did it right for a quarter of the cost, but usually they have mistakes and are not doing what they should be to protect all of your interests as you are just another number.

This is likely one of the biggest investments you will make in your future. You've been dreaming of owning your own business and you're making moves to start living your best life. You need to have someone on your side who can help you do it right the first time. The thing that sets apart the Ingram Law Firm from the other guys is the one on one personal attention. The attention that you get here: sitting and chatting with you, getting to know your business, your background, your dreams helps us to represent you better. We are now invested in you and are willing and able to go the extra mile to make your dreams a reality. We also strive to form long term relationships. We do not want to be your one time stop and then send you on your way, we are looking to invest in your future success with you by offering legal advice in every step of your process.

So what does this mean for you? Call and schedule a consultation to sit down with a member of the firm who can discuss with you your business. what you are hoping to do moving forward and take a look at the idea incubator. The idea incubator is a tool the Ingram Law Firm uses to help get small businesses whether they've been around forever or are just starting to focus on their goals and what they need to do to reach those goals. Success does not happen overnight and it does not happen by magic. You have to really work at it. Even the most seasoned business owners can use a little help. Have you been doing the same thing for so long that you haven't considered there may be a better way? Are your contracts as up to date as they can be and still address your needs? Have you created this amazing thing that could use some intellectual property protection? Don't get so bogged down in the working at the business that you forget to grow the business.

Call the Ingram Law Firm, invest in your future because just as you wouldn't do your own heart surgery, you shouldn't do your own legal work.

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