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What Are You Waiting For?

It is a new brand new month, the second of a brand new year. Have you been thinking about a new business that you think can feed your soul? Is there this one idea that you keep coming back to in your mind. That one thing that when you close your eyes to go to sleep after a long day that you think about. That you can see in your mind's eye and know that it will bring you so much happiness and joy. If you can see, you can build it.

Ingram Law Firm uses idea incubators to help you with pinpoint accuracy decide what you want to create, have the tools to describe it to someone who has no idea what you're hoping to create and then to turn that vision into a reality. I spoke in my last post about building a team and putting the right people around you to help you grow your vision. One of those team members is your attorney. That attorney can help you to do the mundane tasks like register with the state, draft contracts, and create a solid business plan. But what about everything else. You know that it factor that you need to capture to make your dream work.

I know what you're thinking...."how can a boring attorney help me do anything creative?" Well you're in luck, the Ingram Law Firm has a method of helping clients that allows us to work through your ideas, helps you to organize your thoughts and helps to stay 3 steps ahead of where you are now and where you need to be.

I call this the idea incubator. The idea incubator is where you spend time figuring out what you want and need from your business. It is where you translate the vision in your mind's eye into reality. Before we meet for the first time, I will send you the idea incubator and have you work through developing your idea so it is not just this thing you think about, but a real entity. Once we sit down in my office, we can go through your incubator and figure out what steps I can help you with, who else needs to be on your team if you haven't selected them yet so you can get started.

After we've gone through your incubator, we will chat about what services the law firm can provide you, the very best way you can maximize your start up dollars and what kind of legal relationship you want to have with me.

Are you ready? I know Ingram Law Firm is ready to help you succeed.

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