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What is the new normal?

The world is beginning to re-open but what will that new normal look like? As we continue to move through the re-opening process the new normal evolves and changes to meet the needs of the public. The new normal can be a scary place to live both personally and professionally, but it can also be an exciting time to make the changes in your life you've been putting off. I do not pretend to hold all the answers as there is no clear plan in place or history with circumstances such as these. I do have some helpful tips for moving forward to your new normal in your personal and professional life.

  1. Take the time to evaluate. What is working for you and what may need changes? Thi sis for both your personal and professional life. Has this time helped you to clearly see what problems you are having in a relationship or with co-parenting that is making it difficult to avoid asking for court intervention? Is your current employment situation making you want to be your own boss? It is time to take the next step to make changes to the things that no longer brings you joy

  2. If you're a business owner, has the pandemic revealed some deficianecies in your business model? Do you need to overhaul any areas of your business including staff, vendor relationships, or fundamentals such as banking, accountig or entity type? As you begin your re-openign phase now is the time to address the deficiencies to ensure they do not repeat themselves in the future. Especially if we face a new pandemic related shut down in the future

  3. Do you need to take a mental health break to reset and recharge to prepare for the new normal? I know we have been on a 3 month hiatus from the real world, but that does not mean that you don't need to find time for yourself to adjust and work through your emotions and fears in a safe space. If you don't take care of you, you can't take care of someone else.

  4. What are your priorities. It will be easy to be so excited to get bak to your "old" life that you may miss some of the new things that have become essential to you. It is important to take a look at the new things you've started doing that have become essential to you. Wine night with the girls you were too busy for, story time with the kids before bed every night, date night with your spouse every week are crucial and may be your new priorities over work. If that is the case how will you compliment your new priorities with your old normal.

  5. Don't be so hard on yourself. COVID-19 brought out the best and worst in people and business. It caused tremendous upheveal in a short period of time. Your business had to pivot and produce in wyas it never had before and that in and of itself can be overwhleming, but add the uncertainty in the world around you and it can be downright frieghtening. It is important to take it one day at a time but also to change the things you are able to.

  6. Are there things you let fall behind? That will you meant to get to, your retirment plan, updating your business agreements, now is the time to take care of all of those little things you will get to eventually, before life gets crazy again

The Ingram Law Firm is here to help you make the necessary changes to your personal and professional life. We are handling cases via Zoom meetings and are happy to scheudle a time to chat about whatever life may be throwing at you. We are here to help and ready to get back to work in this new normal.

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