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You Get What You Pay For...

I say this quite a bit to clients and friends alike who are upset over the quality of services they receive from a business or service provider. This is not to say that anyone is perfect or that mistakes don't happen which they occasionally do, that is a different post for a different time. I am referring to the services you pay a huge amount for and get very little in return. We are bombarded with ads that offer the next big thing at rock bottom prices. I'm pretty sure that in today's digital world you can't think about something without it popping up in your socials feed giving you the details you didn't know you wanted.

So what does that mean for the business world? Well it is simple the market is exploding with people offering to do something for you. You may be bright and intelligent when it comes to your own business but have no clue what it means to engage with other service providers. Is that deal really a good one, do they really offer what they say they do, what is the long term relationship going to look like.

The best thing to understand is that you are making quick decisions today that will effect your long term future. You decide to save a few dollars and go with a legal company you found online. Not a firm but a company who can offer legal filings for low cost. The problem with that service is there is no service. They trot out all of these bells and whistles for you, tell you NEED to buy all of these extra perks and they are required. That they should be the one to do all of these things for you in the future, but they don't tell you about the extra fees that involved in what they are doing for the future or these extras that you don't really need and will likely never use. They don't tell you that in the future when you call them or need to change something they will hold your business hostage by refusing to make changes for you without paying another ridiculous fee. So again you get what you pay for and if you aren't careful you may pay far more than you intended to in the long run.

Start out right and hire an attorney who wants to put the control and power of managing your business completely in your hands. Call Ingram Law Firm today.

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