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So you decided that you would handle it on your own. The idea of starting a business seemed simple enough to you that you said, I can do this. You did a google search and had it all figured out. You file everything and think you're ready to get down to business. But what happens when that little thing you overlooked creeps back up to be a thorn in your side. But it happens and then you seek legal advice.

But what's worse is that you decide to invest in a legal company. You know the ones, they advertise on TV or Google and they tell you that they can help you for just a few hundred dollars. Far less than what you you think you would pay an attorney. So you hire them. And you get the information you think you need and everything is great. Until it is time to renew with the state or you need to make a change and get hit with the next $300, $400 or $500 bill. These companies seem like a great idea until you don't have anyone to talk to who can answer your question, that may not be the same person you talk to each time and has no investment in your case.

Let's use an example. I recently received some information about one of these online companies. They sell you a membership and $70 a month. This buys you an attorney at your fingertips who will be there for when you need them and a discount for their services. Well that sounds just great. Until you really work through the offer. You don't know this attorney, your interactions are limited to the phone calls or emails you exchange with them. You've invested almost $900 if you pay for a yearly investment and have no return. That just gets your through the door. The discount you may receive is not likely going to make up the amount of the membership so you've now added an overhead expense to the cost of the attorney client relationship. Yet you still pay them thinking they are the easy way. Until you need them again next year and have to keep paying for their services. And they will charge you fees on top of their time for something that should cost a nominal amount.

The point of this is not to bash these online companies, I truly believe there is a space for everyone and for some who truly just need a quick task they can be helpful. If it is anything more than a simple document draft, it is much more economical and practical to hire counsel to help you in the process. Let's get serious at this point, if you are opening a business you need more than a document drafted, you need someone in the trenches with you who is able to answer your questions, complete simple tasks and not hold you and your business hostage.

I know it is easy to get caught up in the idea that everything is so expensive. But here is an example. You are opening your personal training studio. You need to buy a few trx straps, a couple pull up bars, some weight plates and bars, dumbbells, kettle bells and flooring just to get you started. Would you go to the junkyard and get some used pieces that look like they've seen their last client or would yu buy good high quality equipment that is an investment in the company. I'd hope you are buying the good stuff and that is how you need to consider the relationship with the attorney you hire.

If you take nothing from reading my blog, please take this to heart....You get what you pay for and you only have one chance to get it right the first time.

Better Call Amy.

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