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You, Me, and the Dog

Isn't life grand. It's you, me and the dog, maybe a few kids living a life of adventure, love and harmony. Everything is cruising along beautifully until it is not. What happens when it is time to file for divorce or to separate. How will that effect, you, me and the dog as we navigate these new uncertain waters. Well, luckily Ingram Law Firm can help you navigate these new uncertain times.

Step 1. Gather information about all of your assets, no matter how small and debts, no matter when they occurred or who they belong to and be prepared to outline them if anyone asks.

Step 2. Call for a consultation so we can discuss your case, assets, debts, and goals.

Step 3. Take care of your mental health. Divorce is a marathon and not a sprint in most cases and it is very difficult to come out of it unscathed. Make sure you have a healthy outlet for your frustrations and feelings. The worst thing to do is to use Facebook or social media as that outlet. Or unhealthy habits like drugs or alcohol. This will not help your case in the long run.

Step 4. After your consultation, follow through on your plan and execute it. If we have discussed missing documents, get them sent over as soon as you can. If you need to sign something, make sure you are making your appointment to get in as soon as possible. If we're filing something, prepare for the response when service takes place

Step 5. Keep in mind that the process will likely not go entirely in your favor. There will be times when you feel like you're losing or that you cannot possibly, keep going. I promise it will get better and while you will not get everything, you will get some things. Prioritize what is most important and worth fighting for, knowing you cannot have it all

Step 6. Prepare for what the future looks like post divorce. Now is the time to figure out what Me and the Dog looks like. (Keep in mind, your furry friend may need some extra love too). If you have kids, try to figure out what their new normal will look like and discuss it with them in an age appropriate way. Help them to navigate the next steps and make sure your actions are not negatively impacting them. You're divorcing your spouse, but they will always be your kids' parent. They are not divorcing either of you.

Step 7. Understand the process, what you're getting and follow through on any directives there may be, whether during the course of the proceeding or after. If you need to sign a deed, sign it, if you're refinancing don't wait for day 89 of 90 to get started.

Step 8. Try not to make everyone miserable. This will not help anyone and will likely only backfire in the end.

If you need assistance, call or book an appointment on our website. We are here to help walk you through the steps and keep you on task. And yes that furry face is our firm mascot and my own furry friend. We're here when you need us.

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