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Attorney Advertising.  

The information on this site is for information only and should not be relied upon without further speaking to an attorney.  This does not create an attorney client relationship and scheduling of a consultation and associated fees is not the same as hiring this firm or any attorney for representation.   

At Ingram Law Firm, we specialize in several areas of law.  Schedule your initial consultation to discuss your business and the legal options available to you.   
Business Law

  • LLC/Corporation 

  • Partnership Agreements 

  • Negotiations

  • Lease  Negotiation

  • Employee Contracts

  • Licensing 

  • Intellectual Property 

  • Copyright/TradeMarks 

  • Dissolution 

  • Buy/Sell Agreements 


  • Contract Negotiation

  • Contract Disputes

  • Unjust Enrichment

  • Enforcement 

  • Defense

  • Drafting and Review 

  •  There are times your business needs take a back seat to your personal needs. If that happens we can assist with an uncontested divorce to ensure your business and personal assets are protected throughout the process. 

  • Not a business client? We can also assist you with your uncontested divorce